Get in charge – stop queueing

Imagine ordering your cup of coffee two blocks from the café. Or walking straight up to the bartender, collecting your drink of choice. No waving, shouting or winking involved. No queueing. Imagine Silent Order.


Streamline your sales
The customer taking over the entire ordering and paying process automatically increases both your overall sales and your service level. 


Minimize crowding
The customer orders and pays for their take-away, food or drink from a place of their choice, thus minimizing queues
and crowding.


Reduce stress for all
The minimizing of queues and crowding is beneficial for staff and customers alike, giving the staff more time to provide that extra bit of service.


Please your customers
Customers like being in charge of their ordering. We know, because we’ve asked. And nobody – or very few – queues for the fun of it.

Snappy orders from your arm with Apple Watch

Silent Order is poised to take advantage of Apple Watch for orders and payments directly from your arm. 
We will keep you updated on our progress on this front


Cut the line at sports venues with Silent Order

A common problem in arenas are the queues at the break.
Silent Order minimizes this with a smart preorder system.

The app

Silent Order is a patent pending mobile ordering and payment system used in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and at events.
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The Silent Order app lets your customers handle their ordering and paying via their phone. Streamlining sales and increasing efficiency.
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